Winners for Round 7

Congrats to the following winners :

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If you didn't win anything, it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy your video. Competition is high sometimes.
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General Awards

Best Action: Sick by Kitty
This was just a wonderful piece of entertainement. The editing just flow extremmely well and the effects are perfect. The action sections are just incredible and move so perfectly with the music. Certainley a great accomplishement in this genre.

Best Action RU: Fever Dream by Victoria
The movie certainely contains beautiful imagery that you used to make a very intense epic piece. In particular, I liked the use of slow shots (whether from source or not) that increased the intensity.

Best Atmosphere: Legend by Castor
The vid has such a magical mood attached to it, it feels like dreaming. It really flows slowly in a detached-from-reality way. It was beautiful.

Best Atmosphere RU: Song of Truth by bradcpu
reviewed below.

Best Character Study: Push by whereistheluv
reviewed below.

Best Character Study RU: Sugar by Heather

Best Editing: Sick by Kitty
reviewed above.

Best Editing RU: Song of Truth by bradcpu
reviewed below.

Best Overview: Lepcis Magna by Thandie
This was certainely one of the nice surprise of the round. It tells so much in so little time and very effectively. It manages to adress most of the issues of the first season and drives you just naturally through the music, with a just great use of motion. My favourite part is the slow one beginning at 0:52.

Best Relationship(s) Study: Song of Truth by bradcpu
reviewed below.

Best Relationship(s) Study RU: Legend by Castor
reviewed above.

Best Storytelling/Narrative: Push by whereistheluv
reviewed below.

Best Storytelling/Narrative RU: Come Undone by Ferd

Best Use of Music: Push by whereistheluv
reviewed below.

Best Use of Music RU: Song of Truth by bradcpu
reviewed below.

Best Use of Music RU: Lepcis Magna by Thandie
reviewed above.

Best Video: Push by whereistheluv
This is just a true and honest look at the character. It is also a very refreshing angle and very moving too. The song choice is just perfect for what you're trying to say. I loved the use of the yound dean clips. The editing is fabulous as well. A wonderful character study.

Best Video RU: Song of Truth by bradcpu
The flow of this is absolutely beautiful, the relationship gets through without the need of lyrics through subtle choices whether it's overlays or parallel shots between the 2 girls. The part beginning at 1:35 is an example in terms of flow, musicality and pace. it's intense and wonderfully executed. Finally, the atmosphere created through overlays, and use of dialogues works beautifully here. Just a wonderful piece.

Special Awards

No special award this round.

Honorable Mentions & Judge's Nod

Honorable Mention: Strip My Mind by saltwatergirl
Having not seen the movie, most of it probably flew over our heads unfortunately. But it was still a well-done vid and well-paced.

Judge Nod: Supernatural Spooks by Starrylizard
This was very fun to watch ! The effects are great and if I didn't know supernatural, I could have thought it was a sort of CSI kinda show.

Judge Nod: Boulevard of Broken Dreams by SmokeyFizz

Judge's Choice

Judge's Choice: Song of Truth by bradcpu
is this really a surprise ? I've just grown to love this vid more and more, even if the song surprised be at first.

Judge's Choice: Lepcis Magna by Thandie