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"Kissing You" by Kristian (www)

Fandom:One Tree Hill
Description:This is how Lucas would deal with Peyton's death if she died in the school shooting instead of Keith.
Song:Kissing You by Des'ree
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"The Legend" by Elion (www)

Description:They had to destroy the ring, or it would destroy their world, because of that, they became a legend.
Song:Saramande Suite/Globus
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"Beautiful Disaster" by SpikesPet (www)

Description:Buffy's POV on her and Spike's relationship.
Song:Beautiful Disaster by: Kelly Clarkson
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"Gerard Butler fan appreciation video" by Elvira Sweeney (www)

Description:A tribute to actor Gerard Butler (star of "300" and "Phantom of the Opera"). This video shows off his many diverse roles and looks.
Song:"Extreme Prejudice" by Jerry Goldsmith
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"Change (in the house of flies)" by obsessive24 (www)

Description:Clark. Lex. Between the tightrope and the abyss. Seasons 1-3, additional images.
Song:"Change (in the house of flies)" by Deftones
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"Blind" by Anne

Description:All Dean wants to do is protect Sam - but Sam makes that hard sometimes.
Song:Blind by Placebo
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"Neil & Brian - All you wanted" by Cesar188 (www)

Fandom:Movie: Mysterious Skin
Description:Brian met Neil and he wants to like him, but he does not know if could be the sufficient thing for him, so he gives up itself, Neil likes him but does not how to say that to Brian, two young boys in love that try to be together.
Song:All you wanted - Michelle Branch
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"Swell Party" by Andrea (www)

Fandom:Angel the Series
Description:Episodic of Season Fives 'Life of the Party' - Lorne wants his Halloween Party to be a success.
Song:Well Did you Evah? by Robie Williams
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"The Tale of Beren & Luthien" by FinduilasNienna (www)

Fandom:Lord of the Rings / The Silmarillion
Description:This is my music video about the tale of Beren and Luthien which can be found in The Silmarillion and in the appendixes of The Lord of the Rings by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. The story is about the mortal man Beren and the immortal Elf-maiden Lúthien. It takes place in the First Age of Middle-earth, about 6500 years before the events of The Lord of the Rings. In the Lord of the Rings movies are no
Song:Aeris' Theme from Final Fantasy VII
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"Over" by lagome (www)

Fandom:Shakespeare in love
Description:A young Shakespeare, out of ideas and short of cash, meets his ideal woman, Viola, and is inspired to write one of his most famous plays. Shame that they can't stay toguether because of Viola's wedding
Song:“Over” – Lindsay Lohan
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"Creatures" by Victoria (www)

Fandom:Pirates of the Caribbean
Description:Who needs to behave when they're Captain Jack Sparrow? It's all about living the moment... savvy?
Song:Creatures (for a while) by 311
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"Forsaken" by brighette (www)

Description:The Winchesters seem to lead forsaken lives.
Song:Forsaken by Within Temptation
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"For the one you Love" by Heather (www)

Fandom:Notre Dame de Paris
Description:Esmeralda, the gypsy beauty who is loved by Quasimodo, Frollo, and Phoebus. Shown from Esmeralda's POV. (English song translation on my site)
Song:Vivre by Hélène Ségara
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"On Fire" by HeathDances

Fandom:North & South BBC
Description:Every look, touch, and scene between Margaret and John is on fire. It's about their relationship, chemistry, misunderstandings and love they have for one another.
Song:"On Fire" by Switchfoot
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"Family Portrait" by Shady (www)

Description:AU. Dawn POV. Dawn is sick of watching her family fall apart.
Song:Family Portrait--Pink
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"Drifted Way Too Far" by Nicole (www)

Fandom:Prison Break
Description:Sara Tancredi loves Michael Scofield but he brings out the best and the worst of her.
Song:Colors by Crossfade
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"It's all coming back" by Edelwyn (www)

Fandom:Dead Again
Description:Deals with Grace and Mike's "memories" of their past coming back to them.
Song:It's all coming back to me now by Celine Dion
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"Always With Me" by Kitty (www)

Description:Sam loses Jessica and dreams about her death over and over again. Even though she's gone, she'll always be in his heart.
Song:Here With Me - by the Finalist
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"Born to Kill" by Ringwench (www)

Description:The Winchesters, the Demon, and the family business. Season one overview.
Song:"Born to Kill" by Matthew Good Band
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"Hero" by mysterya (www)

Fandom:CROSSOVER Smallville_The OC - Alternative universe
Description:Clark and Summer, a romance video about their possible relationship.. and their lives of heroes..
Song:Hero by Enrique Iglesias
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"Heartbreaker" by Drusilla (www)

Description:Character video about the vampire Spike.
Song:Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar
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"Heartbeat" by Melissa Davis (www)

Description:Maz/Liz-The moments in their relationship that made their heart race. There are scenes of them with the other people they had relationships with, but I thought the lyrics fit them better, and I tied it together with the scene where Max kisses Tess and Liz sees.
Song:Rob Thomas-This Is How a Heart breaks
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"Blow Me Away" by mnallison02

Description:The Winchesters will go to great lengths to protect each other.
Song:Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin
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"VII: The End" by ShadowNOS (www)

Fandom:Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Description:Said to be one of my all time greatest, it details Cloud's inner emotions and deepest thoughts.
Song:"Stand My Ground" by Within Temptation
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"Everything She Wants" by idobelieveinfairies87 (www)

Fandom:One Tree Hill
Description:Peyton doesn't know what she wants.
Song:"Everything She Wants" by Vertical Horizon
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"What a Wonderful World" by Lauren (www)

Fandom:One Tree Hill
Description:A Nathan&Haley vid consisting of some of the love-filled and happy moments they've had throughout the four seasons so far. Lots of fluff.
Song:What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
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"In The Air Tonight" by Nikima (www)

Description:This video is about the episode Devil's Trap. How Dean and Sam will never forget what that demon did to them and there father. The demon possess there father John. You will see both brothers sides. What Dean remember and What Sam remembers. But Will they ever get the chance to kill him?
Song:Phil Collins: In The Air Tonight
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"Boy" by Aimee (www)

Fandom:Harry Potter
Description:Since he learned of Hogwarts and magic, Harry has had a lot of hardships thrown at him, and sometimes this can seem like too much of a burden for him to carry. But through the guidance and understanding of his friends he will learn that he doesn't have to face everything alone.
Song:Boy by Our Lady Peace
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"Mad Season" by sophie (www)

Description:Xander & Anya in season 6 when we saw the best & the worst of them.
Song:Matchbox 20 - Mad Season
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"Earthsea trailer" by Christa (www)

Description:My version of a trailer for the TV mini-series Earthsea.
Song:Main Theme From Xena by Joseph LoDuca
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"Vanishing" by Ar-Feiniel (www)

Fandom:Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Description:Everything changes, time flies, precious moments between people come and go, they simply... vanish. A Spuffy video
Song:"The Vanishing" by Lowe
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"Untitled" by Cheryl

Description:Sams burdens,protective big brother Dean, and perhaps why both these boys were chosen to hunt.
Song:Untitled by Simple Plan
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"One More Day" by Wrecked (www)

Fandom:Full House (asian drama)
Description:Young Jae is in love with Han Ji Eun, but he’s a guy that has a lot of trouble expressing his feelings. As a result he and Han Ji Eun always end up fighting. This time they both leave with intentions of never coming back, but all they end up doing is thinking of one another. So, they both return home, though things are tense, Young Jae asks Han Ji Eun to marry him. Will she?
Song:One More Day by New Edition
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"If I Die Tomorrow" by Ace (www)

Fandom:Underworld 1&2
Description:Selene realizes how much she loves Michael, and before she dies she want's him to know.
Song:Montley Crue- If I Die Tomorrow
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"They" by Txlsplash (www)

Fandom:Battlestar Galactica
Description:Focuses on three couples and their screwed-up relationships: Kara/Lee, Sharon/Helo, Gaius/Six
Song:They by Jem
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"My Hero" by Castor

Fandom:Big Boss/Fist Of Fury/Way Of Th Dragon/Game Of Death
Description:A Bruce Lee Tribute, A showcase of martial arts excellence from a true man of action.
Song:My Hero By Foo Fighters
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"If We Kissed " by Thisbe (www)

Fandom:Xena Warrior Princess
Description:Xena falls in love with Gabrielle the moment she lays eyes on her. Gabrielle tries to fight her attraction to the warrior, but succumbs to her kisses.
Song:If We Kissed by Meredith Brooks
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"For What Its Worth" by nikki (www)

Fandom:Blow (movie)
Description:George Jung's life of drugs and his daughter. Warning: Some drug use.
Song:for what its worth by: buffalo springfield
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