Entries for Round 9

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"Every Me, Every You" by Zohar (www)

Fandom:Doctor Who (new series)
Description:The Doctor is back with new adventures. Season 1 overview
Song:Placebo - Every You Every Me
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"Kamikaze" by Thandie (www)

Description:Mainly action video, with a little bit of character study and drama. A recap for the movie.
Song:Kamikaze by PJ harvey
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"Human" by Kitty (www)

Description:"I can't pick you up again. I've been breaking my back with the weight of your heart. I'm only Human." A Buffy / Faith relationship study from Buffy's POV focusing on their broken relationship and buffy's struggle with Faith's actions.
Song:Human by The Cinematics
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"Map of the Problematique" by Elion/Smokeyfizz (www)

Description:This video is mainly focused on Leonidas and the way he feels in his final moments against Xerxes.
Song:Map of the Problematique/Muse
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"The Game" by Lady_m4ryjane (www)

Fandom:Prison Break
Description:Michael and Lincoln have to play the game where Susan B. is making the rules.
Song:The Game (Disturbed)
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"Victims Nevermore" by Skeezerbeans (www)

Fandom:The Crow (original film with Brandon Lee)
Description:The night before their wedding, Eric Draven and Shelly Webster were violently murdered. A year later, Eric is resurrected while his soul is carried by a crow, a crow who helps Eric turn his killers into his victims. This justice makes Eric and Shelly, victims... nevermore.
Song:"Hysteria" by Muse
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"What Controls his mind?" by Castor

Fandom:The Crow
Description:What happens when you lose everything, including your mind?
Song:Crazy Boy by Hednoize
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"Stricken" by Victoria (www)

Fandom:The Fever series
Description:Sequel to “Fever.” Mac discovers she is a sidhe-seer and uses her powers to search for her sister’s murderer and the Sinsar Dubh, but finds herself torn between 3 major players also seeking the dark book: Jericho Barrons, V’lane, and Christian MacKeltar. While keeping Mac alive, Jericho Barrons finds himself becoming more attached to his personal OOP detector than he would like.
Song:Stricken by Disturbed
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"Everything" by Valerie (www)

Description:Dean has a chance to enter the college and leave hunting for some time. So he's put the whole thing behind him and move to Smallville. There he finds out that he is really talented guy also with abilities to sport. So, there he met Chloe Sullivan.... First true love. But what will Dean choose: the girl he really loves or his father's orders?
Song:Everything by Lifehouse
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"Unfaithful" by SpikesPet (www)

Fandom:Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Description:Buffy and Spike are in a relationship, but Buffy can't stop cheating with Angel her ex. Spike knows and even though it hurts, he still stands by Buffy. She wants to stop but just can't. She needs to make a choice...who will it be?
Song:Unfaithful - Rihanna
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"Bent" by wolfpup (www)

Description:When life hands you too much, sometimes saving your brother is the only way to save yourself.
Song:Bent by Matchbox 20
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"Poison" by Firefly_Ca (www)

Fandom:Veronica Mars
Description:A look at the dysfunction that surrounded Logan and Veronica's relationship like a big, angsty cloud.
Song:"Poison" by Alice Cooper
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"Let The bodies hit the floor" by divine_chick (www)

Fandom:Buffy the vampire slayer & Dark Angel
Description:crossover of buffy & dark angel. Two superchick's Buffy the vampire slayer and Max a genetically engineered soldier meet; Max saves Buffy's life but her boss tells her to kill her, Buffy finds out and they fight to the death who will win?
Song:Let the bodies hit the floor By Drowning Pool
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"Stop and Stare" by Amber (www)

Fandom:Doctor Who
Description:A look at the Tenth Doctor and his companinons, specifically Martha, Donna, and Rose. Brief appearances by Sarah Jane, Mickey, and Jack.
Song:Stop and Stare by One Republic
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"Pirates of the Caribbean - In the Air tonight" by Val (www)

Fandom:Pirates of the Caribbean 1,2,3.
Description:This one`s an Elizabeth POV video . Its sort of like a character sketch of her showing how she is thrown into the pirate world which she fantasizes about so much and also how she has a hard time trusting the men she meets - mainly Will ,whom she loves ...
Song:In the Air Tonight by Full Blown Rose
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"Nightmares Are Good" by Heather (www)

Fandom:Silent Hill (game series)
Description:An overview of the Silent Hill video game series, excluding Silent Hill 4: The Room. Following the characters from each game and their struggles through the strange town of Silent Hill.
Song:"Blow Back" by Akira Yamaoka feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
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"You Make Me Wanna" by obsessive24 (www)

Description:A Tony/Maxxie AU story.
Song:"You Make Me Wanna" by Usher
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"Afraid Of Waking" by Loki (www)

Description:What will you choose between the real life and the world of great illusion?..
Song:So far away by Staind
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"So Cold" by azuremonkey

Fandom:Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles
Description:Sometimes you're faced with right vs. wrong, the past vs. present, love vs. responsibility. And sometimes it's all taken out of your hands
Song:"So Cold" by Breaking Benjamin
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"Tell Me Tell Me Baby-Toddett" by Vannah (www)

Fandom:Sweeney Todd
Description:In the beginning u see Sweeney throw lovet into the fire...so u know she dies..... Back it up to when Lovett was unhappy in her relationship with Sweeney...She looks elsewhere for happiness and she finds it in Turpin...the rest is history =]
Song:Tell Me Tell Me Baby-Toddett
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"Hell Above Water" by Rae (www)

Fandom:Stargate Atlantis
Description:Season one video detailing the surprising dangers found by the expedition team from Stargate Command.
Song:Hell Above Water by Curve
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"tourniquet" by Nikki (www)

Fandom:ginger snaps 2, ginger snaps 3: the beginning,
Description:two sisters are turning into werewolves.
Song:tourniquet by marilyn manson
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"Spitfire" by Sunny88 (www)

Fandom:Tomb Raider - The Cradle of the Life
Description:A Music Video on movie "Tomb Raider - The Cradle of the Life"
Song:Prodigy - Spitfire
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"Mick and Beth "Strictly Physical"" by Paranormalfan (www)

Description:Beth meets up with Mick at Club Valis where she eventually takes the B.C vampire drug, which is basically ecstasy for vampires. She later goes to Micks apartment and seduces him. She wakes up the next morning sober and realizing what she's done. She panics and runs, leaving Mick to wonder if her feelings for him are 'strictly physical'.
Song:Monrose "Strictly Physical"
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"Eyes Without A Face" by strawberrybisque

Description:This is a character study of Pete from the Showtime series "Brotherhood". Pete had finally beaten his demons and was proud of earning his chip. Then his friend Michael returned after having disappeared for 7 years. Pete and Michael are like brothers - they genuinely love each other - and Pete has always done anything Michael asks of him no matter what it is. Michael loves him but knows how easily
Song:Eyes Without A Face/Billy Idol
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"Change" by Guardian (www)

Description:Wesley has watched a change in Illyria.
Song:Change by The Deftones
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"Sam & Dean - Let Go" by Cesar188 (www)

Fandom:Tv/ Serie: Supernatural.
Description:Sam and Dean are best friends, but Sam have a secret, he is in deeply and so in love with Dean. Sam try and try to tell him but just can't do it. Then Dean notice him different and confront him, Sam finally confess his love for him, that shock Dean and they got separate. Dean then realize that he loves him too! He get much closer to him and open his heart, then they go to a motel and have sex! at
Song:Dave Lichens - Let Go
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"Moulin Rouge - Gabriel" by Lily

Fandom:Moulin Rouge
Description:This video is a look at the love story at the core of Moulin Rouge from Satine's point of view. A look at how she feels about Christian and what he means to her.
Song:Gabriel by Lamb
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"Orchard of Mines" by dragonchic (www)

Fandom:Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Description:Break like time.
Song:"Orchard of Mines" by Globus
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"Family Theme" by monsie (www)

Description:The ups and downs of Frasier's relationship with his father.
Song:Family Theme by Sondre Lerche
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"Powrot (the Return)" by LadyMajaVader (www)

Description:depicts a common core of every story ever told: a hero's journey. Or more specifically, it's sweetest part - the return home
Song:"Powrot" by Michal Lorenc
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"Like Home" by mresundance (www)

Fandom:Alexander (Film)
Description:Alexander the great pushes against the limits of this world. His life from his POV.
Song:Chocolate, Snow Patrol
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