Here's a list of categories each video is elligible for. You don't have to say which categories you want to nominate youor video in. But you can always explain in the submission form if you want to.

General Awards

Only Best Video will be awarded every round. The other will depend on the number of participant and the number of video in each categorie.

Best Atmosphere: An award granted to a video that has the capacity to drown the viewer into a specific universe or world. Whether very dark, crazy or dreamy, the vid would manage to create its own athmosphere combining music and editing choices. The overall mood and feeling given by the vid, together with the vidder's input into the vid to create it, will matter in this category.

Best Insight: Whether it's a character study, a relationship study or an ensemble piece, this category will reward the vid's capacity to drag the viewer into the story and/or to bring significant insight into what the character(s) are experiencing. Layers of storytelling, characters evolution throughout the vid, emotionnal value are all valuable in this category.

Best Technical Execution: Previously Best Editing (and partially use of music), we wanted to somehow differenciate the overall editing (Clip choices, variety of shots, clarity of story etc) from the technical execution (cuts, effects etc). What we're awarding here is the editing from the latter point of view. Videos awarded will have to have an impecable editing (cuts, use of music elements) combined with a great sense of flow, pace and overall rythmn. Effects, if serving the video, will also be a valuable criteria in this category. Action vids, sometimes "lighter" in other vidding elements, will have greater chances in this category.

Best Video: The overall best vidding piece. The awarded video would have to combine and balance most vidding elements. A strong concept carried by on-point editing and technical execution, a great use of music and lyrics if any. We're looking for vids that not only are exceptionnaly edited but which we can also connect to on an emotionnal level. Originality and unexpected choices will also matter, especially if several videos are eligible as winners of this category.

Special Excellence Award

Additionnal Award granted to exceptionnal videos that deserve extra recognition.

Award of Excellence for: Granted on the rare occasions to videos who I believe need an additional recognition on a specific aspect of vidding that wasn't covered in the above categories. Example: Awards for excellence in Creativity, Cinematography or Artistic Vision.

Entertainement Fest Award: This award is granted to a vid that has a huge entertainement value. Generally but not exclusively happy, it makes you want to watch it more and more. It can be an action vid, a shipper vid, a dancy vid, a character vid, a comedy vid, it doesn't matter, it's just here to make entertain you. Editing, Flow and pace will certainely matter here, but the entertainement value is the main criteria.

Other Recognitions

Honorable Mention: Given to videos that came close to being awarded but weren't. Could be because the competition was very tough in the category it was entered in. Could be that it's not as original or creative as other videos but still deserve to be recognize for its own merit and well-execution.

Judge Nod: a.k.a. promissing work. Given to videos that couldn't live up to the other entries's level but who the judge would like to acknowledge because it still had potential. Basically, it's an encouragement. Carry on and you may win in future rounds is what it means.

Judge's Choice: A subjective categorie in which the judge choose his favorite(s) video(s) of the round.