You MUST follow the following rules.

Every violation of one of the rules will result into a deletion of your entry OR a permanent ban depending on the rule violated. This is simple. so please read and follow them. Thank you.

For more information, read the FAQ

Submission Rules

1. You may submit ONE video per round.

2. All fandoms are accepted. But we aren't necesseraly familiar with all of them (see "about" section for list of fandom we're familiar with).

3. Description are supposed to be short. If your video requires a lot of context background for instance, don't hesitate to add Notes into the "Notes to Judge" field. Any information you judge relevant is welcome. It can only helps us "evaluate" your work.

4. You may re-submit your video but only if it didn't win an award in a previous round, including honorable mentions

5. There's no file size limit. We prefer watching HQ so don't hesitate to linq to HQ version. But if your video is larger than 100Mo, please indicate the size on the "Note to judge" section of the submission form (And if you can, provide an alternate link to a smaller version if you have one).

6. If possible, rather link directly to the video than the web page it is available on.

7. You may use any hosting service as long as we can download your video EXCEPT sendspace. YouSentIt and other sites with expiring links are fine BUT if you can use one where links don't expire, please do. Streaming sites like YouTube are NOT accepted.

8. No CLIP THEFT. This is extremmely important. This can result in an immediate and permanent ban. you've been warned.

9. Don't ask me to hold a spot for you. Submission are opened for long enough for you to submit and the number of spot of each round is NOT limited.

10. Only submit your own work.

11. Language, violence, mature themes etc, are all fine. If your video is excessive, please include a warning in your description.

12. If you have a website, please link back here.