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"Nightmare or Reality" by Heather (www)

Fandom:Silent Hill
Description:Rose's daughter Sharon has disappeared in the dream-like town of Silent Hill. As Rose begins the search for her daughter, she does not realize the terror and mystery surrounding her. She finds herself getting more and more entwined into disturbing past of Silent Hill.
Song:Tender Sugar from Silent Hill 4: The Room OST
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"What have you done" by Drusilla (www)

Fandom:Buffy the vampire slayer
Description:Buffy and Angel. They can't stop hurt each other.
Song:"What have you done" by Within Temptation
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"No Time" by Lauren (www)

Fandom:One Tree Hill
Description:An Episodic vid to Season 2's "The Hero Dies in This One." Haley is leaving Nathan to go on tour with Chris Keller and it is already killing Nathan inside. Nathans POV
Song:She Has no Time by Keane
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"For Blue Skies" by sophie (www)

Description:AU video, Kate and Jack are married but are having some problems, after they crash on the island and are kidnapped by the others Kate has an affair with Sawyer. After they escape from the others they deal with Kate's betrayal and have to decide if they're relationship is something worth saving.
Song:Stray's Don't Sleep - For Blue Skies
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"Angels" by lagome (www)

Fandom:Pearl Harbour (movie)
Description:A tribute to the movie "Pearl Harbour". Set during the time of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, two friends (Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett) are caught up in the events that draw the United States into World War II. One of them enlists with the U.S. Army Air Corps and the other flies for the British Royal Air Force, but they both find themselves in love with the same woman
Song:“Angels” – Within Temptation
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"Better Than Me" by Kristian (www)

Fandom:One Tree Hill/Supernatural
Description:Dean and Peyton were together, but he had to leave her to continue hunting the supernatural. They miss each other terribly. Finally, Dean gives in and goes back to her. They have a night of love, but then John calls Dean and tells him that he's on the trail of the demon and he needs Dean and Sam to meet him. Dean has to regrettably leave Peyton again. This time Peyton knows that once the demon is
Song:Better Than Me by Hinder
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"Dream On" by idobelieveinfairies87 (www)

Description:The fights and struggles of Sam and Dean Winchester.
Song:"Dream On" by Aerosmith
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"Prelude 12-21" by wolfpup (www)

Description:The loss of loved ones can bring out the "demon" in anyone.
Song:Prelude 12-21
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"Time Is Running Out" by Victoria (www)

Fandom:Panic Room
Description:3 thieves break into the house of a single mother and her daughter, only to find that they have secured themselves in the very room they have come to rob.
Song:Time is Running Out by Muse
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"Changes" by brighette (www)

Description:Sam's been going through some changes recently.
Song:Changes by 3 Doors Down
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"Angels" by Elion (www)

Fandom:The Phantom of the Opera
Description:Christine finds out who he truly is.
Song:Angels/Within Temptation
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"Let Me Let Go" by SpikesPet (www)

Fandom:Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Description:Buffy's POV on trying to move on after Angel left her.
Song:Let Me Let Go by: Faith Hill
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"Watermark" by FinduilasNienna (www)

Fandom:Pride & Prejudice
Description:After Darcy’s proposal and Lizzy saying no she takes a closer look at their relationship till then. Later she travels with her aunt and uncle to Netherfield and meets Darcy there again. I tried to use shots of them both brooding/thinking simultaneously to show the angst and then the joy when they are together at the end.
Song:Watermark by Enya
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"Toni & Amy - I need you" by Cesar188 (www)

Fandom:Movie: Kiss The Bride
Description:Toni invites her girlfriend Amy to meet her family and home, she accepts. They spent a great time but Amy has to go, Toni gets mad and sad, Amy realizes that she really loves her and she need her.
Song:I need you - LeAnn Rimes
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"Flirt" by Thisbe (www)

Fandom:Harry Potter
Description:The students of Hogwarts are young in love and they just wanna flirt.
Song:Flirt by Pussy Cat Dolls
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"Signal To Noise " by Andrea (www)

Fandom:Firefly /Serenity
Description:Mal & River's struggle in Serenity.
Song:Signal To Noise by Peter Gabriel
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"Let Go" by Kitty (www)

Fandom:Angel the Series
Description:An angsty Connor character study video that shows everything that he feels and thinks about his father, Angel and how he sometimes feels like on the inside.
Song:Let Go by RED
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"The Funeral" by mnallison02 (www)

Description:Dean promised Sam that if he ever turned evil, he would kill him. Now Dean has to decide if he chooses to keep his promise or his brother.
Song:The Funeral by Greg Edmonson
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"My Heart Will Go On" by joanne

Fandom:One Tree Hill
Description:A video showing the emotional and physical connection that Brooke and Lucas share together.
Song:my heart will go on - celine dion
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"Numb" by Jenn (www)

Description:A Smallville Video.
Song:Numb by: Linkin Par
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"Here With Me" by HeathDances (www)

Fandom:North & South BBC
Description:This video is mostly in John Thornton's POV and he can't rest or sleep until Margaret and him are finally together. He is who he is and Margaret needs to accept him because he isn't going to change, but he loves her so much we won't rest until she is by his side.
Song:Here With Me by Dido
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"Hero" by Nicole (www)

Fandom:Dark Angel
Description:Logan POV. Even though Max was the superhero..he never let her down and was always there for her.
Song:Hero by Enrique Iglesias
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"Patience" by Aleisha (www)

Fandom:Dark Angel
Description:AU, Max is having difficulties moving on after the love of her life Ben passed away. Even though Logan means so much to her, all she needs is time and some patience from him.
Song:Patience - Take That
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"One day, I'll come back" by Dalawyn

Description:Maximus remembers moments with Lucilla (his wife in this video) & is thinking when he'll come back at home where she waits him.
Song:Exile (enya)
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"Prophecy Girl" by Buanann (www)

Fandom:Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Description:An episodic of Prophecy Girl, the last episode of the first season. Buffy's dead is caused by her own actions, not anyone elses.
Song:Just by Radiohead
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"Everybody Lay Down" by tulzdavampslayer

Description:A video highlighting the Heroes' journeys, as well as the sacrifices they have made.
Song:Everybody Lay Down - Pat Benetar
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"wild child" by nikki (www)

Fandom:Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Description:a cross between the doors wild child music video and buffy finding out her slayer powers came from the indians.
Song:wild child by: the doors
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"When You're With Me" by SimbiAni (www)

Description:The Doctor and Rose- when they're together, they're on top of the world. Details: Footage dLed-eps :: 23MB :: 4m35s :: WMV
Song:"When You're With Me" Lonestar
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"Trouble" by Elvira Sweeney (www)

Fandom:Actor Richard Armitage
Description:A video which showcases the many roles where Richard Armitage plays surly, grumpy, angry, or bad guys.
Song:"Trouble" by P!nk
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""Wes"" by We'reDoomed (www)

Description:Wesley/Fred relationship over season 5 of Angel WARNING: Seriously overused vidder song--My apologies beforehand
Song:"My Immortal" Evanescence
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"Stand" by ShadowNOS (www)

Fandom:Fate/Stay Night
Description:Shows the struggle of one of the main characters feelings.
Song:"Stand in the Rain" by Superchic[k]
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"Stand By You" by Cheryl

Description:Sam Winchesters unconditional love and support for his older brother Dean.
Song:"I'll Stand By You" by "The Pretenders"
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"My Reason" by Lsketch42

Description:Dean Winchester doesn't scare easily - but waking to find yourself hovering between life and death is enough to shake anybody up. Still, he can't let go just yet. Not when Sammy needs him.
Song:Landing in London- 3 Doors Down
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"Breathe Me" by Ferd

Fandom:Smallville/Batman Begins (Lois Lane/Bruce Wayne)
Description:This vid depicts an AU relationship between Lois Lane and Bruce Wayne.
Song:Breathe Me by Sia
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"It's Not Over" by dragonchic (www)

Description:Clark's journey through the events leading up to the inevitable death of a loved one in "Reckoning."
Song:"It's Not Over" by Daughtry
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"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Xcully (www)

Fandom:Dark Angel
Description:"This video is a study on Logan Cale and his problem with the legs... his life isn't simple!"
Song:Green Day
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