Entries for Round 3

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"Close Your Eyes" by Nicole (www)

Fandom:Star Wars
Description:Obi/Padme AU vid. Rated PG for very mild sexual content. Padme and Obi-Wan meet after years of seperation. They think back on their friendship and attraction. They want to be together but are unsure if they should. They end up making love and spending years together in secret. When she ends up pregnant he decides to leave the Order for her. She goes into labor and Obi takes her to a hospital and t
Song:Close Your eyes by Christophe Beck
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"Did My Time" by Victoria (www)

Fandom:Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Description:Even the darkest of souls can find redemption, it just takes some time. A Faith character study.
Song:Did My Time by Korn
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"Resolution" by wolfpup (www)

Description:Sometimes letting go is the only resolution.
Song:Resolution by Nick Lachey
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"What Have You Done?" by Elion (www)

Fandom:Star Wars
Description:Anakin is quickly turning over to the darkside.
Song:What Have You Done?/Within Temptation
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"Deliver Me" by nikki (www)

Fandom:Final Destination 3
Description:two graduates try to cheat death.
Song:deliver me by: static-x
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"Suicidal Dream" by Heather (www)

Fandom:Girl, Interrupted / Thirteen / The Virgin Suicides
Description:A look into these 3 flims. *Contains brief imagery of suicide*
Song:Suicidal Dream by Silverchair
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""Edge of Faith"" by We'reDoomed (www)

Description:Faith constructed character study based on Buffy/Angel episodes
Song:"It's All Over" Three Days Grace
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"Rockstar" by Thisbe (www)

Fandom:Harry Potter
Description:*AU* Harry embraces his celebrity status in the wizarding world. Hermione is brewing more than just Poly Juice Potion, and Ron struggles with his own jealousy. ** Warning implied drug use**
Song:Rockstar by Nickleback
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"Not Gonna Get Us" by Nikima (www)

Description:Nothing gonna stop Sam and Dean.
Song:t.a.t.u: Not Gonna Get Us
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"Better than Me" by idobelieveinfairies87 (www)

Description:Michael knows that he's no good for Maria, but he still remembers how much he loves her.
Song:"Better than Me" by Hinder
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"Miss You" by SpikesPet (www)

Fandom:Buffy & Angel
Description:Tribute Video to a few of the loved and lost characters on Buffy and Angel
Song:Miss You by: Aalyiah
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"Steven & John - Closer to you" by Cesar188 (www)

Fandom:Movie: Get Real
Description:Steven have a crush with John who get closer to him, and he start to feel something more and fall in love but he is afraid and he leave him. Will John get closer to Steven again and start something special?
Song:Closer to you - The Wallflowers
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"The Lonely Miracle" by Swamy

Description:Michael waited all his life for a miracle that would change everything, and he found it in Maria
Song:Miracle - Vertical Horizon
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"El tango de Sayuri" by lagome (www)

Fandom:Memoirs of a Geisha (movie)
Description:In the years before World War II, a Japanese child is torn from her penniless family to work as a geisha house. Despite a treacherous rival who nearly breaks her spirit, the girl blossoms into the legendary geisha Sayuri. Beautiful and accomplished, Sayuri captivates the most powerful men of her day, but is haunted by her secret love for the one man beyond her reach.
Song:“El tango de Roxanne” – OST of Moulin Rouge
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"Scared" by brighette (www)

Description:Who will save the innocent from the evil out there?
Song:Scared by Three Days Grace
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"No Self Control " by Andrea (www)

Fandom:Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Description:Spike is insane in the basement, wracked with guilt from his newly acquired soul, he is also manipulated by the first evil, he has no self control.
Song:No Self Control by Peter Gabriel
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"Let go" by Artanis

Fandom:Buffy the vampire Slayer
Description:Somehow Buffy from Normal Again wakes up (why? don't know, maybe it happened when our Buffy was injured in the end of Chosen, but who knows?:) so, somehow the link between Buffys was torn). Now she has to face the world where people she loves do not exist. Or do they?.. A/N: there are no clips with Buffy's parents here. Instead of them there is a person who - we know for sure - was the best friend
Song:Let go by Frou Frou
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"I'll Stand By You" by mnallison02 (www)

Description:No matter what happens the Winchesters will always be there for each other.
Song:I'll Stand By You- Carrie Underwood
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"Kiss The Rain" by sophie (www)

Fandom:One Tree Hill
Description:Nathan & Haley's relationship in the first three seasons, & how they have the best kisses in the rain.
Song:Billy Myers - Kiss The Rain
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"Once Upon a Memory" by Lsketch42 (www)

Description:Sam had no memories of the night of his nursery fire. Until tonight.
Song:Once Upon a December from Anastasia
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"Sorry" by Kamyar (www)

Fandom:Veronica Mars
Description:A closer Look at the complicated relationship between Logan and Veronica over the course of Seasons 3.
Song:"Sorry" by Stretch Princess
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"Slipped Away" by Kristian (www)

Fandom:Tru Calling
Description:Episodic of "Two Funerals and a Wedding". Tru reflects on her last day(s) with Luc.
Song:Slipped Away by Avril Lavinge
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"What If" by Kerstin (www)

Fandom:Prison Break
Description:AU. Michael and Sara were already secretly dating before Lincoln was accused of murder. When Lincoln was, Sara kept her distance to Michael. Michael can't understand of course how she can leave him alone in a time like this. Nevertheless he believes, that she's always with him, at least in his mind, without knowing, how close she really is to him and that she knows everything that happened to him
Song:Never Alone - Barlow Girl
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"Big Girls Dont Cry" by dariana (www)

Description:a video about a girl who has fallen in love but in the end of the movie he breaks her heart and she also goes to see her family because she haste seen them in about 15 years because she was kid napped. So when she goes to see her family they don’t want her. So in the end of the movie she is alone and telling her story.
Song:big girls dont cry by fergie
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"Goodbye" by Aimee (www)

Description:An Angel and Wesley dual character study.
Song:Goodbye by Earshot
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"Here We Are" by Buanann (www)

Fandom:Dark Angel
Description:An episodic of 'Barrisford Agenda'. Alec remembers falling in love with Rachel and then being torn away by Manticore.
Song:Here We Are by Breaking Benjamin
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"Fuck Them All" by Sweet (www)

Description:Buffy and Faith relationship
Song:Fuck Them All - Mylene Farmer
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"Like You" by Dooski (www)

Fandom:Dark Angel
Description:This is AU. Following the murder of her brother Ben, Max becomes overcome with guilt. She sees his ghost and searches him, until she ultimately makes a decision to purge her from her guilt.
Song:Evanescence - Like You
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"System" by Adarra (www)

Fandom:Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Description:it deals with purely Dark Willow. Shows how she let the magicks take her to an insane and psychotic power. Evil and unstoppable, she destroys the world.
Song:System (Lestat Version) from the Queen of the Damned Soundtrack
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"Black Hearts" by SmokeyFizz

Fandom:Star wars/Hannibal Rising
Description:Anakin and Hannibal are both tormented by the troubles they have come to suffer in their life. They both know to love and yet they both have known what hatred really is. Both losing their family, both losing the woman they love and both killing for something greater. What they go through ultimately leads them to emptiness and a dark shadow of hate and regret which fills their hearts with "Black"
Song:Black Black Hearts - David Ushder
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"Dead Man's Chest" by Jake (www)

Fandom:Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest
Description:A sequal to my first pirates video... it took about 4 months to make and is probably my best epic piece that ive ever done.. i did everything from remixing the soundtrack to the customized special effects... hope you like it!
Song:Tia Dalma, Wheel Of Fortune, Jack Sparrow, and The Kraken by Hans Zimmer
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"It's the Fear" by Jenn (www)

Fandom:Harry Potter
Description:A Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire video.
Song:It's the Fear by: Within Temptation
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"The Queen of the Damned - Slept So Long" by Sunny88 (www)

Fandom:The Queen of the Damned
Description:A Music Video on movie "The Queen of the Damned"
Song:Orgy - Slept So Long
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"Breathe" by Cheryl

Description:The yellow eyed demon entering the lives of the Winchester family,claiming to have plans for younger brother Sammy,has resulted in heartache and tragedy,demonic possession and terrible deals made with demons.
Song: Breathe by Breaking Benjamin
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"Through Glass" by dragonchic (www)

Fandom:Spider-Man/Superman Returns
Description:Peter Parker and Clark Kent's similar struggles to carry on relationships with the women they love in spite of their dual identities.
Song:"Through Glass" by Stone Sour
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