Entries for Round 4

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"Let The Bodies Hit The Floor" by mnallison02 (www)

Description:Hunting is a demanding job both physically and mentally. How much can Sam and Dean really take?
Song:Bodies by Drowning Pool
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"Never Meant To Fail" by wolfpup (www)

Description:Heroes aren't meant to fail, but their stories are often filled with tragedy.
Song:Never Meant To Fail by Alex Lloyd
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"Enjoy the Silence" by Heather (www)

Fandom:Rurouni Kenshin
Description:An action packed and dramatic look into the Kyoto saga within the series.
Song:Enjoy the Silence by Lacuna Coil
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"Im So Sick" by nikki (www)

Fandom:Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Description:the many faces of evil willow.
Song:im so sick by: flyleaf
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"Hurt Part Sam" by Nikima (www)

Description:Sam fells guilty after his father die. All he ever did while John was alive was fight with him. So he thinks his father die thinking he hated him. So his thinking and getting vision of what happen that day and about the past.
Song:Hurt By Christina Aguilera
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"Asylum" by Victoria (www)

Description:John finds himself removed from a world he knows and placed in one where he feels alone. Without his parents and in the sights of his greedy uncle, John finds asylum in the arms of Jane Porter who despite her struggle to ignore her desire falls in love with him as well.
Song:Asylum by Silverchair
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"You Fight Me" by Buanann (www)

Description:A character study of Peter Petrelli.
Song:You Fight Me by Breaking Benjamin
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"Rainbow" by Swamy (www)

Fandom:Buffy the vampire slayer
Description:Buffy and Angel's love never had a real chance to begin, this is the same reason why their love can never end
Song:Rainbow - Elisa
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"Shadow" by SpikesPet (www)

Description:Angel and Cordy remember things as they talk in their final moments together.
Song:Shadow - Britney Spears
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"Spending my time" by Artanis (www)

Fandom:Veronica Mars/Prison Break
Description:Somewhere in California the girl is waiting for him (Veronica/Michael video)
Song:Spending my time by Roxette
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"Fell On Black Days" by Ringwench (www)

Description:Sam's struggles with his powers, his destiny, and the Yellow-Eyed Demon throughout season two.
Song:"Fell On Black Days" by Soundgarden
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"Hand Of Sorrow" by Elion (www)

Description:He's lived with sorrow all of his life.
Song:Hand Of Sorrow/Within Temptation
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"In the darkness she lurkes" by SmokeyFizz (www)

Fandom:Star Wars
Description:Anakin is obsessivly in love with a ghost who comes and visits his room at night. He will do anything to actually be with her forever. Once she dissapears h e starts going insane which ultimatly leads to his own dissapearance.
Song:ICP - In my room
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"Season 2 Overview" by Kristian (www)

Description:A look at the best episodes and moments of Season 2.
Song:The Final Fight score by Rob Duncan
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"Breathe me" by nicole (www)

Fandom:stargate sg-1
Description: Daniel and Vala have both been through their share of mistakes and hard times but in the end they are they for each other always
Song:Breathe Me by Sia
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"Let Me Go" by Cordy (www)

Description:I want to stay in love with my sorrow, but God... I want to let it go...
Song:Lithium by Evanescence
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"Siva" by Andrea (www)

Fandom:Angel The Series
Description:Illyria causes havoc with team Angel
Song:Siva - Smashing Pumpkins
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"That kind of love" by divine_chick (www)

Fandom:Buffy & Angel
Description:Gunn from angel series sleeps with katrina (Warren's girl) when warren(from Buffy) finds out he kills them both.
Song:That kind of love by Alison Krauss
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"Blue Horizons (Part I - And So It Begins)" by Ar-Feniel (www)

Fandom:Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Description:Part 1 (of 5) of Kantayra's wonderful story - ''Blue Horizons''. It covers about 12 and half (more or less) first chapters of this fic. Elizabeth Summers comes from the rich family and has always belonged to the clique of popular and beautiful. But her friends are shallow, her mother is dead and father is a demanding, control-freak prick. She doesn't want that life anymore so she decides to start
Song:"Love Cliche" by Bran Van 3000
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"Crossroads" by Cheryl

Description:Doing the best you can with what life gives you, even if it's not what you had planned, is the beautiful message in this song. And having someone by your side seeing it through this seemed a perfect fit for brothers Dean and Sam Winchester. In particular Sam whose idea of what his life would be like, has changed so drastically. A Sam POV video
Song:Crossroads by Don Mclean
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"Possession" by Kimberly (www)

Description:A video about Max and Liz's relationship and the times they've been there for each other. They really do love each other......and together they can do anything.
Song:Possession by Sarah McLachlan
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"Christian&Satine" by Sunny88 (www)

Fandom:Moulin Rouge
Description:A Music Video on ship or the movie "Moulin Rouge"
Song:Plumb - Cut
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"Ghostbusters!" by Kelly (www)

Song:Ghostbusters Theme Song - by Ray Parker Jr.
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"What's My Age Again" by JJSNgadgetDMF (www)

Fandom:Doctor Who
Description:Doctor/Rose. Uses footage of the ninth Doctor. I thought this would be an interesting song to do because it contrasts with his always intense attitude.
Song:What's My Age Again by Blink 182
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"Girlfriend" by Xcully (www)

Description:Isabel want Alex!!!
Song:"Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne
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"A Girl Worth Fighting For" by Christa (www)

Fandom:Lord Of The Rings
Description:The Rohirrim, Legolas, Eomer, and Gimli have something to fight for. Eowyn is Mulan, Eomer is Chien-po, Gimli is Yao, Legolas is Ling, the Rohirrim are the army, and with a special cameo of Saruman as Chifu.
Song:A Girl Worth Fighting For from the Mulan soundtrack
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"Meds" by Lady Manson (www)

Fandom:Requiem for a Dream
Description:A video based on the film "Requiem for a Dream" starring Jennifer Connelly and Jared Leto. The video is focused on Marion and Harry's characters and their struggles with addiction. DISCLAIMER: This video is based on an 'R' rated film and contains drug use and strong thematic elements.
Song:Meds by Placebo
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"Harder to Breathe" by Firefly_Ca (www)

Description:A video about Sam's demon possession that compares it to Meg's possession in season one.
Song:"Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5
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"Michael & Riley Follow through" by cesar188 (www)

Fandom:Movie: L.T.R (Boys Life 4)
Description:Michael and Riley are in love, but Michael fight with Riley, that move Michael with the feeling of missing him, Riley miss him too. Are they gonna back together?
Song:Follow through - Gavin Degraw
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"Stupid Boy" by Adarra (www)

Fandom:Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Description:This video was out of my element and was a challenge; Throughout their years as a couple, Angel somehow always managed to hurt Buffy in some way. Whether it was not dating her to killing her friends to dumping her. As silly as it sounds, Angel was a very stupid boy in their relationship.
Song:"Stupid Boy"
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"Saving Me" by Ally_Kat (www)

Fandom:World Wrestling Entertainment
Description:Warning - Violence! This is a very action packed fandom so be warned of fight scenes. Saving Me follows WWE's newest wrestling female and her trials and relationships on her way to the top as womens champion and ending with her fall.
Song:Nickleback - Saving Me
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"Slipped Away" by Dana Marie (www)

Fandom:The OC
Description:Just a vid about how Marissa's death affected Ryan, Julie, and Summer.
Song:Slipped Away by Avril Lavigne
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"For You" by Lsketch42 (www)

Description:Dean would do anything to save Sam. Even make a deal with the devil.
Song:Never Too Late by Three Days Grace
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"Stricken" by dragonchic (www)

Description:Overview of the X-Men's unique struggle against both human and mutantkind.
Song:"Stricken" by Disturbed
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"All Around Me" by Kitty (www)

Description:The phantom is always around christine.
Song:All Around Me by Flyleaf
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"Buffy and Spike" by Honey (www)

Description:A romantic Spuffy video.
Song:Oasis, Wonderwall
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"Sexy LotR Heroes" by FinduilasNienna (www)

Fandom:Lord of the Rings
Description:A Tribute to all the sexy guys from 'Lord of the Rings'.
Song:My Hero by the Foo Fighters
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"Hello" by Ferd

Description:This vid depicts a grieving Lex Luthor haunted by the memory of his dead mother, Lillian.
Song:Hello by Evanescence
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"Spartan" by Jake (www)

Description:A tribute to the movie 300.. i wanted to rock out after working excessively with instrumentals, so this was just me having a little fun.. also, just as a note... the song was chosen to represent leonidas's actions, causing the battle.. hence why it keeps saying "what have you done now?!?".. in essence, its the singer is talking to leonidas..
Song:What Have You Done by Within Temptation
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