Entries for Round 6

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"24 Hours" by Sunny88 (www)

Fandom:24 Hours
Description:A Music video on movie "24 Hours"
Song:30 Seconds To Mars - R-Evolve
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"Living Dead Girl" by Victoria (www)

Fandom:Point Pleasant
Description:Christina brings damnation upon the quiet town of Point Pleasant.
Song:Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie
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"In The Shadows" by wolfpup (www)

Description:Living and waiting in the shadows of one's destiny...
Song:In The Shadows by The Rasmus
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"White Oleander" by Guess Productions (www)

Fandom:White Oleander
Description:The relationship between mother and daughter and how the daughter reacts.
Song:safe and sound/ sheryl crow
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"Unknown Soldier" by Nikima (www)

Description:Dean been through so much. He never gives up. He a fighter. But he wishes he could leave the life his living now.
Song:Unknown Soldier by Breaking Benjamin
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"The Howling" by Elion (www)

Description:They fight for freedom!
Song:The Howling/Within Temptation
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"Requiem For A Supernatural Dream" by Skeezerbeans (www)

Description:A culmination of the myth arc from season one and two with a teaser for what is to come in season three.
Song:Lux Aeterna remix by Clint Mansell
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"Missed You! Love You!" by Cordy (www)

Description:Sam is obsessed with Jessica's memory after he tragically lost her...
Song:When You're Gone by Avril Lavigne
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"Apologize" by Jenn (www)

Description:Clark/Lana video
Song:Apologize by: One Republic
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"Kissing You" by JennCho (www)

Fandom:House MD
Description:House and Cuddy are having a baby. Everything is going great until she miscarries. Their relationship is in pieces and House is being haunted by what could have been when he has to perform emergency surgery on an unborn baby.
Song:Des'ree - Kissing You
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"Tragedy" by SmokeyFizz

Fandom:Harry Potter
Description:Ron/Hermione. AU, video centered on their relationship and how they can't live without one another.
Song:Whisky Lullaby - Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss
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"Because You Loved Me" by Cassie (www)

Fandom:POTO,Rent, Evita and West Side Story
Description:Four different love stories from four of my favorite movies are payed tribute to.
Song:Because You Loved Me- Clay Aiken
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"No Fear" by brighette (www)

Description:In this life, you can never know who to trust, so you better show no fear.
Song:No Fear (Chris Vrenna Mix) by The Rasmus
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"Further On Up The Road" by Firefly_Ca (www)

Description:A look at the life of Shepherd Book, a missionary man with a mysterious and possibly unlawful past, and how his time as a passenger on the ship Serenity changed the lives of its crew.
Song:"Further on up the Road" by Johnny Cash
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"Pieces" by mnallison02 (www)

Description:a Dean centric video about everything he has gone through including the loss of everyone he's loved.
Song:Pieces by Red
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"Morning Comes" by Lsketch42 (www)

Description:AU for Season 3. His time's almost up. There's only tonight...and morning comes.
Song:When Morning Comes by Dishwalla
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""You Know I'm No Good"" by Shazzer (www)

Fandom:Doctor Who
Description:A bit of a tongue in cheeck look at the Master and the Master and the Doctor's relationship. *Major Spoilers for the last three episodes of Series Three.*
Song:"You Know I'm No Good" - Arctic Monkeys
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"Dangerous Game" by SpikesPet (www)

Fandom:Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Description:Buffy and Spike both think about what it could be like and possibly would be like if they decided to pursue a relationship. It's a dangerous game for them and they both know it.
Song:Dangerous Game - From Jekyll and Hyde the musical
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"Hot In Herre" by yokiem (www)

Fandom:Stargate Atlantis
Description:New to season 2 of SGA, Ronon Dex brings power and presence to the team.
Song:Nelly, Hot In Herre
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"Strange Little Girl" by Heather (www)

Fandom:Kingdom Hospital / Silent Hill / Supernatural
Description:Jodelle Ferland plays some strange little girls, but is adorable at the same time. This is my tribute to her.
Song:Strange Little Girl by Tori Amos
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"You Belong To Me" by Abigail Marissa (www)

Fandom:The X-Files
Description:A short Mulder/Scully shipper video that examines how Mulder feels about Scully.
Song:You Belong To Me by Lifehouse
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"Only One" by Buanann (www)

Description:An episodic of 'All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1'
Song:The Only One by Evanescence
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"Safe In My Arms" by Cheryl

Description:Dean's worst fear realized,the sacrifice he makes to save his younger brother Sammy,the lives the Winchester brothers save and their encounters with the yellow eyed demon.
Song:"Into The West" by Annie Lennox
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"Real World" by Starrylizard (www)

Description:Dean realises he has to find the real world. An episodic vid for "What is and What Should Never Be."
Song:Real World by Queensryche
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"Come Undone" by obsessive24 (www)

Fandom:Queer as Folk (US)
Description:Brian/Justin. It'll take a little time to come undone.
Song:"Come Undone" by Duran Duran
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"Gordon" by Andrea (www)

Fandom:BtVS & AtS Crossover
Description:AU Comedy Vid - John plots revenge as Julie abandons bim for Gordon.
Song:Gordon by Jilted John
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"the prince's tale" by mysterya (www)

Fandom:harry potter
Description:a Snape video based on the chapter "the prince's tale" from Harry Potter and the deathly hallows (spoiler book 7).. Before dying, Snape asks Harry to look into himself.. his school years at hogwarts, his unrequited love for Lily and what happened after her death.. (clips taken from sky high for Young Snape- Steven Strait, Young Lily- Danielle Panabaker, Young James- Michael Angarano)
Song:All I need by Within Temptation
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"Requiem" by Edelwyn (www)

Fandom:Dead Again
Description:Explores the dark side of Dead Again. Through 1980's nightmares, the 1949 Strauss tragedy is living over and over again.
Song:Requiem for a Dream, from The Two Towers OS
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"Smile Like You Mean It" by Kitty (www)

Description:The Winchester boys have to look back, smile and accept the choices that they've both made. Both brothers went through hard times, but they always get through them and eventually can smile again even if the pains still there.
Song:Smile Like You Mean It by The Killers
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"Have A Nice Day" by JJSNgadgetDMF (www)

Fandom:Life on Mars
Description:Life in 1973 is never easy for Sam Tyler. But he just keeps going.
Song:Have a Nice Day by Bon Jovi
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"Flagpole Sitta" by Little Heaven (www)

Fandom:Stargate SG-1
Description:Daniel Jackson and 10 years of whump.
Song:Flagpole Sitta - Harvey Danger
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"Incomplete" by Xcully (www)

Fandom:Dark Angel
Description:"It's simple to feel incomplete when the love is difficult to have for Alec, Joshua and Max!" Spoilers season two
Song:Incomplete by Backstreet Boys
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"Let Me Go" by Honey (www)

Description:Max' POV Liz doesn't know that Max is an alien. Max wants to tell her but he can't so Liz should let him go Grey: Max' thoughts, memories All colour: The truth about Max ( that he's not from earth ) Old: Max imagines telling Liz the truth
Song:Let Me Go - Threee Doors Down
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"Gorecki" by Pécheresse (www)

Fandom:The X-Files
Description:Pure and unadulterated Mulder/Scully shippiness. That's that, really. :)
Song:Gorecki (radio edit) by Lamb
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"A Place Inside" by dragonchic (www)

Fandom:Battlestar Galactica
Description:Starbuck character study
Song:"Scared of Girls" by Placebo
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