Winners for Round 1

Congrats to the following winners :

Best Video awards are customized by fandoms, winner are animated and runner-up have a picture still.

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If you didn't win anything, it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy your video. Competition is high sometimes.
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General Awards

Best Atmosphere: They by Txlsplash
I love that this video is very originally made. The use of lost of overlays and crossfades creates a very specific athmosphere which matches the intensity and conflits the characters in play are living. The viewer is drown into the universe despite himself which only proves how wonderful this video is.

Best Editing: VII: The End by ShadowNOS
This video is simply maginificient. The art of editing is clearly mastered. Everything is really carefully done and the result is more than successful. Although, during the action parts, I felt there was too many things going on, the overall result is simply stunning. An example is the action section between 2:12 and 2:25 which simple blow your mind. I also especially love the slower part beginning at 2:52 which transform the video into a more personnal piece and make the transition into action much more powerful. just outstanding work.

Best Editing RU: Blind by Anne
This video is the perfect example of a mastered editing without show off effects. No clip is dragged too long, Every cut and transition is on point and the vidder uses music particularities to enhances some parts. Like the camera work between 2:11 and 2:15. I especially like the beginning part between 0:31 and 0:55, very well managed and I love how you mixed the different fight scenes perfectly there.

Best Effects Use: VII: The End by ShadowNOS
I cannot name every detail and effects in this vid and I'm sure I missed a few, but effects are really well chosen and bring lots of nuances which makes the overall video such a successful piece. Such details like the vertical frames mirroring the piano melody in the slower parts of the video or the several overlays like at 3:14 bring the video to another dimension and connects the viewer with the story.

Best Effects Use RU: Change (in the house of flies) by obsessive24
A lot of risk taking in this vid. I was sceptical at first but using picture stills was a smart choice and ended up adding a successfull mythology angle into the video. The back and white image freezes beginning at 2:34 are excellent and helps creating the tense and conflicted athmosphere between the two characters.

Best Overview: Forsaken by brighette
A nice a powerful look at the brother's journey highlighted by a very good song choice. I especially liked the well edited parts between 0:12 and 0:40 and between 0:52 and 1:00, the candle and church shots at 3:43 and the short clips between 4:25 and 4:32.

Best Overview RU: Born to Kill by Ringwench
reviewed below.

Best Relationship(s) Study: Change (in the house of flies) by obsessive24
This video is very well constructed and really show off the duality and parallel between the two characters and their journey to their destiny. I love the shot in the eye at 1:59, the zoom in beginning at 3:21, the black and white freeze at 2:34. Really insteresting and powerful vid.

Best Relationship(s) Study RU: They by Txlsplash
Despite the lack of some clear narrative in the video, the vidder still manages to show the feelings and conflicts in the different relationships which is pretty rare. The use of music and some nice clip/lyrics associations, especially during the chorus bring some insight into what the characters are leaving. I love that it uses funny and light clips as well as some more intense ones.

Best Use of Music: VII: The End by ShadowNOS
The choice of music is perfect. Really fits the universe. Each part of the video use the full potential of the music source material, every layer of the melody and manage to keep the viewer interested. The music never overpower the video and is skillfully used to build a coherent and stunning ensemble.

Best Use of Music RU: Born to Kill by Ringwench
The video skillfully use the music to built an athmosphere corresponding the theme of the video. I loved the guitar chord/Impala association between 1:09 and 1:25. I love the choice of clips at 3:20 followed by the distortion effect. The sequence beginning at 4:03 is very powerful too.

Best Video: Born to Kill by Ringwench
A dark and interesting look at the brothers and the season in general. I love how well constructed it is and how the theme of the gun is present throughout the entire video.I especially loved the part between 1:47 and 2:15. The vidder managed to created an outstanding ensemble very entertaining while bringing insight into the characters. The editing is very well done and let the story take the main place and don't overpower it. Bravo !

Best Video RU: Blind by Anne
A simply extremmely entertaining piece that bring insight into the brothers's journey, and show their conflicts. I espcially loved the part between 2:30 and 2:38 showing the bond between the two. Overall a very skillfully made piece.

Special Awards

Award of Excellence for Artist Vision: VII: The End by ShadowNOS
This video is one of the best I've seen so far. Every choice you made brought something more to the video and I couldn't not grant you an extra award for this outstanding work.

Honorable Mentions & Judge's Nod

Honorable Mention: Boy by Aimee
A really cool vid that conveys the different aspect of Harry's story. I really loved the use of internal motion here, and the different zoom-in effects beginning at 1:35. Always a fan. Overall, simply very entertaining and well-done. :)

Honorable Mention: For What Its Worth by nikki
An original video that gives an overview of the movie and the character. It's sweet and unique and though worth being recognized :)

Honorable Mention: Always With Me by Kitty
A really interesting vid exploring sam's character and the loss of jessica. I liked the choice to repeat the fire/jessica death clips over and over and I also loved the overlay parts between 2:00 and 2:36 which really shows how Sam's losing his mind. Nicely done.

Honorable Mention: The Legend by Elion
No doubt, one of the best song choice of the round. While being uneven, it still manages to give a both sad and powerful look at the universe and the characters in play. I especially loved the horse riding at 1:20, the action sequence between 1:42 and 1:48, the jewel breaking at 2:05, the battle and shot of Frodo between 3:30 and 3:39 and the shot of pippin at 5:19. Despite some distracting talky faces, the sequence at 2:17 is original and powerful.

Judge Nod: It's all coming back by Edelwyn
I enjoyed this vid and how it played with the past/present clips. It really takes you on the road with the character and exploring the relationship and it feels like you're remembering with the characters. Down sides are some talky faces and somoe clip choices or transition that coould use some improvement. Overall, it's a sweet vid :)

Judge Nod: Untitled by Cheryl
What I really liked about this vid was the effort put into creating a good narrative. The dialogues are well chosen and combined with the good music choice, it leads you to a journey with the character. Down sides are some too long clips and music from the dialogue over the song of the video. But I believe that, with a little more work on editing, this could be a really nice character study vid.

Judge's Choice

Judge's Choice: They by Txlsplash
As a BSG fan, I obviously enjoyed your vid and I espically like the angle you chose to adress your subject. The video is very original and, I think, really convey the kind of tense ambiance the show has. Really good job.