Winners for Round 2

Congrats to the following winners :

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If you didn't win anything, it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy your video. Competition is high sometimes.
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General Awards

Best Atmosphere: Signal To Noise by Andrea
What really stroke me at first when watching this video was how entralling it was. I don't know much about Serenity but the video drown you into the universe anyway. The choice in editing only amplify the feeling like the black moment at 1:45, the fst clips at 2:03 or the dizzy moment with bits of dialogues at 2:43.

Best Atmosphere RU: Nightmare or Reality by Heather
A good song choice that match the subject and universe of the video. The fast cuts in the editing and the work on motion creates a very oppressive athmosphere that strongly conveys what the story is about.

Best Character Study: Stand by ShadowNOS
A great introspection of the character enhanced by the strong editing and music use.

Best Character Study RU: Prelude 12-21 by wolfpup
A very entertaining piece that gives a nice overview of the character. I like the use of the visions for every beat in the video which really adds to the video in many ways.

Best Editing: Let Go by Kitty
Big work on internal motion in this vid and it pays off by adding intensity to the subject. Combined with several effects like overlays, or freeze at 2:38, it never lets you down and you just stay glued to the screen (even for non-fan of grudge music like me ;)).

Best Editing RU: It's Not Over by dragonchic
One another of great editing. I really enjoyed that the pace and rythmn is maintaned throught the entire thing and creates a great ensemble. I especially liked the part between 0:28 and 0:40.

Best Editing RU: Stand by ShadowNOS
The editing is basically flawless in that video. It flows naturally from beginning to end and the result is extremmely professional.

Best Effects Use: Let Go by Kitty
reviewed in other categories.

Best Overview: Signal To Noise by Andrea
reviewed in other categories.

Best Overview RU: Angels by lagome
A great overview of the movie enhanced the "epic" music. I liked that it tells the love story in parallel to the pearl harbor main story. Apart from some talky face, I really liked some of your editing choices. Like the shots between 0:32 and 0:38 or the plane shots beginning at 2:29 followed by the intense fights parts beginning at 2:50. A very entertaining piece overall.

Best Relationship(s) Study: Let Go by Kitty
There's a lot of superlative attached to this vid. One of its strong point is how it manage to tell the story of Father and son so strongly between all this fights and running away. I watched Angel on and off and I didn't know everything about the Angel/Connor relationship but the video manages to establish the main lines of their relationship very nicely. My favourite parts are the intense yet heartbreaking clips during the several chorus and the slower part at 3:20 and the black and white part beginning at 4:30.

Best Storytelling/Narrative: Time Is Running Out by Victoria
I like the very sharp editing in this vid and the very clear narrative. It follows the story of the movie and leads you to the same journey, only more intensely and The song help creating the stressed athmosphere of the story. I especially enjoyed the editing during the bridge parts like between 0:40 and 0:55 or the great part between 1:48 and 1:52.

Best Storytelling/Narrative RU: Changes by brighette
A great and nicely edited vid that leads you through the journey of the character. I like that it alternates intense moments with sam's inner conflits with fights and battles. Also, I couldn't help but laugh at Dean punching Sam in the end ;)

Best Use of Music: Signal To Noise by Andrea
The video uses the a perfectly chosen song and enhance its potential with an on point editing. I especially liked the first shot in Back and white at 0:19, the overlays at 1:37, the shot at 2:28 and the overlays that follows just after.

Best Use of Music RU: Stand by ShadowNOS
Once again, a really good song choice and the editing that goes with it. It feels professional. I liked many parts like between 0:52 and 1:00, the shot at 1:20 and every single greatly edited fights.

Best Video: Let Go by Kitty
A simply stunning video with a great song choice and an impeccable editing. I don't know how much more I could say. Just great.

Best Video RU: It's Not Over by dragonchic
The video reunites all you can ask from it. It never bores you, it's entertainiing and uses the music perfectly and manage to tell bring insight into the character.

Special Awards

Award of Excellence for Original Work: wild child by nikki
I like that this video is somehow experimental and mix clips from the original song and from the show. I like the overall ambiance that fits the theme of the video. Very unique which is why you got this special award.

Honorable Mentions & Judge's Nod

Honorable Mention: My Reason by Lsketch42
A really nice episodic video following Dean's journey. I liked how "simple" it is but yet manages to tell a lot about the character.

Honorable Mention: The Funeral by mnallison02
A great selection of dialogues from the show put together with a greatly appropriate music. The end surprised me cause I hadn't read it was AU yet ;).Nevertheless, it was a really interesting piece. I really loved the dialogues chosen at 2:20 retracing briefly the conflit inside Dean.

Judge Nod: Dream On by idobelieveinfairies87
Obviously a great song choice that fits the show's universe. I like your choice of quick fade in/fade out used several times. Overall, a nice overview of the fandom.

Judge Nod: Numb by Jenn
Despite the fact that I felt something was missing, the video gives a nice overview of the show. I liked some transition choice with zooms for instance. Overall, a well-made vid. :)

Judge's Choice

Judge's Choice: Signal To Noise by Andrea
I loved the originality of this vid, the great editing that used the music perfectly. It was just totally fascinating even if I don't know much about the show. Really great job.