Winners for Round 3

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General Awards

Best Atmosphere: Black Hearts by SmokeyFizz
I'm usually speptical when I see the kind of effects you used in a vid. It's generally more confusing than anything else. But it your case, it's not. It actually is interesting and feels like the music and the characters's struggle. I also liked the work on the renonant sounds/dialogue. Really adds up to the athmosphere together with several effects creating a bitter sweet, for lack of a better word, ambiance. My favourite parts are the beginning, the several black and white moments, nicely using the music and the overlays of both characters like at 2:22 or at the end. The parallel is unexpected but pretty interesting. This is a nice achievement.

Best Atmosphere RU: System by Adarra
A very efficient dark character study, enhanced by nice editing and music choices. The almost constant overlays in this vid along with various effects helps creating a very dark athmosphere matching the slow dive of Willow into darkness.

Best Character Study: Through Glass by dragonchic
What I like the most about this vid is how you handle its rythmn. The song is pretty linear and yet, you manage to build the story and action progressivly only to make it shine in the end. It's what makes this vid so entertaining and successful. The first couple of clips can be confusing as you can wonder where this is leading but the way you melted both character's journeys and paralleled their stories makes you even feel like both characters are from the same universe. I love like, even more specifically, the parallel between both their struggle in their relationship are becoming more and more obvious as we get to the end of the vid only to end up with that amazing transition shot between both heroes. A story from 2 different characters that manages to bring them closer in the eyes of the viewer.

Best Character Study RU: No Self Control by Andrea
Even if the music could sound unusual for this character, the song and lyrics are perfect. Great lyrics/association and music use all along the vid. You succeed in building a really interesting character study. I love your editing choices, for instance, the fast cuts at 0:17, or various overlays enhancing the feeling the character being totally lost. You work on motion is also great. :)

Best Editing: Dead Man's Chest by Jake
Watching this vid in full screen HQ, I wasn't disappointed of the ride. The first 30 seconds of the video are absolutely stunning. Great way to catch the attention of the viewer right there. The clip choices are excellent (like between 0:13 and 0:24), the transition are perfect and the effects, such as the time-freeze at 0:12 are fabulous. Overall, even if I found the video a bit long, there's nothing but superlatives to attach to the editing. Not to mention the use of original and intereting effects like at 0:53 or at 1:49. Excellent job which more than justify this award.

Best Editing RU: Goodbye by Aimee
The editing is really great in this vid. The work on pace and motion make it flow very naturally. Effects aren't overused but placed in interesting music moment, like at 0:22 or 1:41 for instance. My favourite sequence are between 0:12 and 0:15, or between 0:41 and 0:47. I just love how it moves.

Best Overview: Dead Man's Chest by Jake
This video is not just a nice piece of candy to the eyes, but it's also an great overview of the movies. I love its structure and how you build the tension progressively especially from to 1:50, and then around 3:00. Just personnaly, I felt it was too bad the tension fell back around 3:24 a bit which made me think the vid was maybe a bit too long to keep my attention during all of it. but the ending beginning 4:21 is excellent. A great vid.

Best Overview RU: Deliver Me by nikki
I had a hard time watching this video at first considering how much gore and violent moment there is lol but it's still a good overview of the movie from what I can see. I liked the various lipsinc moments like at at 0:32 and 2:05, the ghosting at 1:48. If you like blood, this is certainely a great vid :)

Best Relationship(s) Study: Goodbye by Aimee
A very successful look at 2 characters, their own path into darkness and how they impact each other. The song choice is really good and along with the great editing, gives a good idea of what the characters are living. The video is original and well done. Great job.

Best Relationship(s) Study RU: Sorry by Kamyar
A nice look at the Logan/Veronica relationship with this fine edited video. It's refreshing and entertaining :)

Best Storytelling/Narrative: Once Upon a Memory by Lsketch42
The concept of this sort of AU vid is simple but totally works. The execution is also very well done. The alternation of "memory" clips with present clips is very well balanced all along the vid and the music is very well used. The transition are natural, some clips/lyrics association are very well done and the general flow of the vid is great. My favourite part is between 1:52 and 2:12 when sam's finally realising and where the editing choices makes it even more powerful.

Best Storytelling/Narrative RU: Here We Are by Buanann
It's quite impressive what you manage to do considering this is an episodic and without using lots of talky faces. I can tell you put a lot of work in internal motion and into the rythmn of the vid which compensate from using the few scenes of the episode. A great accomplishement.

Best Use of Music: Dead Man's Chest by Jake
Along with your strong editing, you used cleverly the music all along. Sure, it helps you used the music from the movie because it fits the universe, but your music use is excellent. The clip selections are always on point, it's impressive. Key moments in the music are used to their full potential like at 1:04, 1:54, 2:24, 3:02 or at 4:20. I couldn't possibly name them all but lots of sequences are simply stunning in that regards.

Best Use of Music RU: Through Glass by dragonchic
I really found your choices of music use clever. Even with a pretty slow paced sonog, your clip selections combined with your work on editing and motion and pace makes it flow very naturally. I love the fade to black moments for instance. Anotoher great example is the shot at 1:02 on the lyrics's echo. The interwined scenes moment between 1:44 and 1:50 was one of the highlights for me. Finally the action parts beginning at 2:26 are not only a great character parallel moment but an extremmely good use of music. My favourite part of your vid, ending with than superb shot in the end. I gotta say it twice because it was just a great choice for an ending to me.

Best Video: Goodbye by Aimee
Reviewed in other categories.

Best Video RU: Dead Man's Chest by Jake
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Special Awards

No special award this round.

Honorable Mentions & Judge's Nod

Honorable Mention: Scared by brighette
cool entertaining piece, very "rythmic" if that's a word. The song choice is clever and works nicely with the frightening images. A scary look at the universe.

Judge Nod: Resolution by wolfpup
ah la la, you spoke to my little sensitive heart with this vid. :) This is nice song choice and some of your clips/lyrics association are great like during "the best man I can be" for instance. I also love the shot at 0:37. Overall, It's an interesting look at Sam's character.

Judge Nod: El tango de Sayuri by lagome
You have obviously the eye, or maybe the ear for musicality and I liked how you edited the tense part beginning at 3:36 and till the end. However, the constant use of overlays and split screen, makes the overall video hard to follow as you're wondering where to look and you can't really concentrate on the character's journey. This is personnal, but I would encourage you to work more on your video's stucture and message.

Judge's Choice

Judge's Choice: Once Upon a Memory by Lsketch42
This vid is creative and very well executed. I'm a fan of narrative in general and this one is really nice. It's a really great piece, nicely edited and I keep watching it. :)