Winners for Round 4

Congrats to the following winners :

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If you didn't win anything, it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy your video. Competition is high sometimes.
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General Awards

Best Action: Spartan by Jake
I love the pace in this vid. The rythmn is maintained through the entire thing creating a stunning ensemble. The use of fast cuts and the work on motion especially in the battle parts is clever. There's always something to look at and more. The use of music is excellent. Some shots were just perfect match like the sudden slow part at 1:10, the jump at 1:14, the shot at 2:17, the hand in water at 2:55, the birds shot at 3:02...

Best Action RU: Stricken by dragonchic
wow. so much things to look at in this vid, it goes so fast it's hard to notice everything the first time you watch. The result of the use of fast cuts, overlays, and motion (both internal and external) is an extremmely intense and absorbing. Favorite moments include the hand closing at 0:49 followed by a fade to black moment, the shots at 1:00 and 1:03 and the one at 1:17. the plane shots at 1:52 are great and finsally, the whole section beginning at 2:24 is awesome.

Best Character Study: Fell On Black Days by Ringwench
Reviewed below.

Best Character Study RU: Im So Sick by nikki
A very dark look at willow's character. The clip choice are great and the atmosphere is very stroking which fits the subject matter. I particulary loved the lip sync on the screams and the several ghosting.

Best Character Study RU: For You by Lsketch42
Reviewed below.

Best Editing: Spartan by Jake
Reviewed above.

Best Overview: Stricken by dragonchic
Reviewed above.

Best Overview RU: Enjoy the Silence by Heather
A wellmade and entertaining piece. I love the pace and the editing choices, mixing action clips with more character oriented shots that makes an overall overview of the story. the section beginning at 2:54 is particulary efficient editing wise.

Best Relationship(s) Study: Meds by Lady Manson
The athmosphere in this piece is excellent. The clip choice and the way they're interwined are the best part of it. The constant reminder of the addiction with drug related shots and accelarated clips give the impression of the characters being out of control over what's happening. It serves the story really well. It's getting more and more intense as the vid progresses (the section beginning at 1:46 is one my favorite) and really gives an insight on how those characters ended up where they did.

Best Relationship(s) Study RU: All Around Me by Kitty
I like the use of motion, especially internal, in this vid. It allows to show otherwise pretty static but meaningful shots without downing the overall movement of the piece and make it flows naturally. The look on the relationship is tense.I love the slow section beginning at 2:07. The overlays shows the feelings of the character in a great way.

Best Storytelling/Narrative: For You by Lsketch42
The vid starts slow, but is really intensifying as it progresses. The use of internal motion is great, like in the section at 0:57. It keeps the video moving while the emotion sank in. The section between 1:06 and 1:30 is my favourite. A wonderful job as a narrative, nicely edited and intense.

Best Storytelling/Narrative RU: Hello by Ferd
This is a slow-paced video which works very nicely with the subject adressed. It takes you inside the character's mind. I like the shot at 0:52 with the city fading into Lex's walking.

Best Use of Music: Spartan by Jake
Reviewed above.

Best Use of Music RU: Fell On Black Days by Ringwench
Reviewed below.

Best Video: Fell On Black Days by Ringwench
This is a really awesome and original character study. The song and lyrics use, the structure and narrative are just perfect. it really feels like a "journey". I love how it takes you in immediately with that first shot of sam and then slowly introducing every "struggle" and black moments as the vid is flowing. The ambiance of the vid is awesome and enhance by the use of onpoint effects and coloring. The ensemble is just stunning. I love the whole section beginning at 2:18. it's just beautiful and the successive fade to black shots around 2:35 ending with that shot on sam's eyes opening at 2:45 is taking you in. Also, I loved the original take on the character. it's very refreshing.

Special Awards

No special award this round.

Honorable Mentions & Judge's Nod

Honorable Mention: Siva by Andrea
A great overview of the character and how it affected the characters. I liked the drastic change from full acyion to a slower part at 1:58. I liked the use of effects during the action parts. The shot at 1:43 is awesome. A very angsty look at the character.

Honorable Mention: You Fight Me by Buanann
A very epic look at the character's struggle through the season highlighted by key moment like the death at 0:31, the ghosting shot at 1:20, the head cut at 2:07, the disappearance at 2:16... I also liked the strong chorus parts which emphazised the character's feeling.

Honorable Mention: Never Meant To Fail by wolfpup
A great look at the hard life of the boys highlighted by a good song choice and clever selection of clip choices. The story telling is what I enjoyed the most, especially during the chorus.

Judge Nod: Slipped Away by Dana Marie
The video is successfully nostalgic. Great choice of clips combined with the good song choice.

Judge Nod: Season 2 Overview by Kristian
Really good season 2 overview. The selection of quotes is great and makes the clip shown a lot more meaningful. The music is also particularly epic which serves the piece a great deal. It's too bad some quotes takes over the music. My favourite part is beginning at 2:25 ending with the shot on sam after "it's worth it" and then Dean yelling "Sam". This part is really taking you in if you love the show.

Judge Nod: Asylum by Victoria
You did a great job at showing both character's struggle in the relationship. I love your song choice and I think it really fits the subject. THe look on the relationship is both serious and sweet and funny which draws avery aspect of the characters. I like the storytelling the best in this piece. Just personnaly, I have to say Silverchair used to be one of my favourite band so I did really enjoy the vid for that too :)

Judge Nod: Crossroads by Cheryl
A sad look at the brothers and the conflit over sam's destiny. I love the shot at 1:22 and the shot at Sam at 1:55. The narrative is good.

Judge Nod: Harder to Breathe by Firefly_Ca
A very entertaining episodic. I love the shot at 0:42 and the zoom at 0:55. The ending with Sam's last look made me laugh :)

Judge's Choice

Judge's Choice: For You by Lsketch42
I know. you again. ;) Great job and nice use of music, what can I say ?