Winners for Round 5

Congrats to the following winners :

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General Awards

Best Action: "Hole In The Earth" by Castor
I haven't watched the movie so I have really no clue what it was about. Nonethe less, it was a cool vid with great action sequence and well edited. I loved the song choice and how you used it. Sequence like at 1:08 are extremmely efficient and entertaining.

Best Action RU: Justice For All by Bevander
A well edited action-packed vid with tons of superheroes. The video has a good pace and some stunning moments like the fight beginning at 2:46. I especially ennoyed the intro beginning at 0:19.

Best Action RU: Dark Wings by Victoria
Cool action packed vid, nicely paced. I loved the lyrics/clips association on "dark wings". I especially loved the intro, the slower part around 2:38 and your on beat editing.

Best Atmosphere: House of 1000 Corpses by nikki
I love what you created for this vid between your cuts and work on colors. A very slow and disturbing athmosphere matching the song's feeling and the source (I think). It's beautifully uneasy and disturbing. This one one of my favourite of the round despite the fact that I hate gore. Great job.

Best Character Study: Break by dragonchic
reviewed below.

Best Character Study RU: Sleepwalking by Kitty
reviewed below.

Best Comedy :: The Heist by Starrylizard
This is such a fun vid. I'm usually skeptical with such things but I think you succeeded in building something really fun and that works. I liked the newspaper zoom at 0:50 or the twisting money at 1:24. The music combined with the choice of clips and a sense of humor makes it something cool to watch.

Best Overview: House of 1000 Corpses by nikki
reviewed above.

Best Overview RU: Smokey Joe by Heather
reviewed below.

Best Relationship(s) Study: All Or Nothing by Sonya
It's always hard to vid a couple like this because of the lack of diversity and motion in the source. But I felt you balanced it very effitienly with your editing choices. The use of overlays to show the lingering presence of veronica was very nice. Cutting the same scene and interwining the shots, which you used several times, like with the phone call at 1:26 were great and helped making the story flow without watching the same clip for several seconds. The use of effects is also interesting here, as is the use of lyrics. I think you really managed to show the angst and intense aspects of the relationship. Totally random but I showed the video to one of my friend who's a total "LoVe" addict and she sends her love. :)

Best Storytelling/Narrative: Smokey Joe by Heather
I haven't seen the movie and so I'm sure I missed some stuff but the story is very well told and I believe, following the original movie's scheme. The use of lyrics and athmophere of the song is great and helps triggering the emotion for the viewer. I lvoed how you used the lingering notes of the singer's voice like at 3:04 and many other emotionnal moments. Overall, the video has a very "out of this world" feeling which, I think, really serve the meaning ot the subject.

Best Use of Music: Break by dragonchic
reviewed below.

Best Use of Music RU: House of 1000 Corpses by nikki
reviewed above.

Best Video: Break by dragonchic
This vid is incredible. It's a wonderful accomplishement in all regards. It gives a wonderful insight on the character using the lyrics cleverly, it flows beautifully, the pace is perfect, the use of music is fantastic as well. it's a stunning ensemble. I especially loved the various intercuting, the drums on the ship take off at 0:19, the "look at my eyes" shot, the "slower" part beginning at 1:24, the shot of Lee's eyes at 1:26 and all the "chopped" clips matching the music. Excellent. simply excellent.

Best Video RU: Sleepwalking by Kitty
A angsty and intense look at the character throughout the season. I love the motion in the vid, like the zoom in the eye you see several time. I love the use of overlays like at 2:26, I loved the use of overlays at, beautiful. Overall, it's extreammly rythmic and entertaining and takes you in. I love the shot at O:45 and during the same part of the song at 1:49 with claire raising the gun, it flows very nicely with effects here and there for the eyes. Such a nice character study overall too.

Special Awards

No special award this round.

Honorable Mentions & Judge's Nod

Honorable Mention: In The Shadows by Buanann
I liked how you managed the rythmn in this vid and how you acknowledged the music. Like the fall of sylar at 0:37 with the melody or the killing at 2:05. It is a nice character study and is highlighted by great clip/music moments like the cutting of the head at 1:12 as well a good use of motion like at 1:17. I also loved the whole roof section at 2:12 and the little smile on Sylar's face.

Honorable Mention: Ghost Story by Andrea
This is a very interesting episodic. I liked the use of ghosting and the color changes showing 2 worlds into one somehow. nice work.

Honorable Mention: Pump It by Becca84
This vid is so much fun. I loved the funny clip/lyrics associations, the humor overall is great. Nice overview or the season and nice editing as well. The intro is especially efficient as are the action sequences.

Honorable Mention: Everlong Remaster by Kaycee
The song choice felt unusual but the lyrics fit nicely this couple. I liked the fast paced editing, the circular movement at 3:18 the best.

Honorable Mention: Holding Out For A Hero by yokiem
I loved the intro of this video with slow clips on every heroes. it's somehow nostalgic. And then, the mood kinda change to something lighter. It has some great moments like when peter is falling at 1:22, the superman bit at 1:46 and peter flying just after that synced with the music, the fire section with Claire around 2:40. I loved the shot on the house at 3:47 just after the bangs fall. very enjoyable.

Judge Nod: All of this Past by brighette
I loved the song choice and its feeling, it made the journey of the character more profund somehow. I loved your use of overlays around 1:40. A very sad look on a conflicted character.

Judge Nod: Shot by wolfpup
First, great song choice, it really drives the video. I really loved how you used powerful music moment to serve your narrative, like the "shield for you" at 1:16 is awesome, "give my life" at 2:52 or "tonight we escape" at 0:35. the ending begiining at 4:00 was very well edited too.

Judge Nod: Out of Control by Pécheresse
Really fast-paced and entertaining vid. I would have not thought abouot vidding XFiles with this song but it works. it feels like being in a whirl or something.

Judge Nod: Requiem For A Dream by mnallison02
The song is very powerful and really droves the video thought it feels a bit too long. I especially liked the narrative in this vid and the editing in more action parts like at 3:17 with the shot of Dean, and the ending beginning at 5:31 and going faster and faster with the evil spreading. The best part of the vid to me.

Judge Nod: Isn't Something Missing? by SmokeyFizz
You succeed very nicely to give a very out of dream athmosphere which is what I liked the most in this vid.

Judge Nod: Christian&Satine by Sunny88
A very poetic look at the movie. I especially loved the use of the moulin movement at 0:53, the shot of satine at 1:10, the shot of christian at 1:39, satine at 2:03 synced with the music, and the very nice ending.

Judge's Choice

Judge's Choice: Break by dragonchic
I usually don't choose a vid that already won best video but I made an exception because this is such a great video and I simply couldn't choose another one. Stunning work.