Winners for Round 6

Congrats to the following winners :

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If you didn't win anything, it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy your video. Competition is high sometimes.
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General Awards

Best Action: A Place Inside by dragonchic
The tone is dark, the character is as well, and the vid takes you on a ride to depression. Very effective though. I like the fast paced editing and how it accelerates at 0:48 with that shot of the spaceship, my favourite moment of the vid. It is really well paced overall, with lots of parallel and layers showing the conflits of the character. I also loved the use of both internal and external motion that makes the vi moves so effectively.

Best Action RU: No Fear by brighette
I loved the use of the "echo" effect as I call it with every girl in the vid. Very interesting and very well timelined with the music. Overall very well edited and paced vid. My personnal highlights were the quick cut on Jessica's tomb at 1:45, the shot of Jo at 1:55 and the shot at 2:33.

Best Atmosphere: Strange Little Girl by Heather
Tribute vids are generally hard to relate too if you don't know or like the actor/actress. But what I found interesting here is that the different sources were very well melted together which didn't felt like a tribute but like a character study. Again, you have a talent for choosing very moody songs and associate them with source and effect. I'm a bit fan of the 0:02 shot. Your use of motion is also what makes this vid so entertaining.

Best Character Study: A Place Inside by dragonchic
reviewed above.

Best Character Study RU: Flagpole Sitta by Little Heaven
reviewed below.

Best Comedy :: Flagpole Sitta by Little Heaven
Needless to say this is a highly entertaining vid. The use of lyrics is hilarious and I laughed during most of it. The choice of simple and fast cutting is appropriate, the vid moving at a good pace, and I loved the use of additionnal motion on some clips. All of above never letting time to get bored with fun clips and sometimes repetitive type of shots. Excellent fun vid !

Best Editing: Come Undone by obsessive24
reviewed below.

Best Editing RU: A Place Inside by dragonchic
reviewed above.

Best Overview: Smile Like You Mean It by Kitty
This is a lighter look at the brothers, nicely adressed. I love the work on colors, and the onmipresence of the Impala into the vid. It sometimes feel like a roadtrip with the boys. Despite its "light" tone, it still manage to show a layer of emotion and the kind of evil the boys have to deal with. I especially liked the se of external motion on the chorus. It really goes well with the music.

Best Overview RU: Living Dead Girl by Victoria
The song choice is obviously very good.I don't know the actual movie but I don't think I had to, to acknowledge that. It's very dark and scary and violent and very well edited. My favourite moments were the use of overlays at the beginning, the sign from the eye at 0:26, the shot at 1:20, the zoom out at 2:17 fading perfectly with the shot of the girl. Really really cool vid.

Best Overview RU: No Fear by brighette
reviewed above.

Best Relationship(s) Study: Come Undone by obsessive24
The video is a really beautiful and emotionnal piece. The change of narrative is extremmely natural and feels effortless. I love how you explored the relationship and how it impacted the character of Brian. The story flows very naturally as the character changes, it's beautifully done. I loved the use of the scarf in the second part of the vid, linking every element together and showing how the character ends up caring when he seems so detached and unemotionnal in the first part. The ensemble is just stunning.

Best Relationship(s) Study RU: "You Know I'm No Good" by Shazzer
I don't know so much about Doctor Who aside from what I saw in other vids, but this vid is still extremmely enjoyable to anyone. Both delirious and serious. I really liked the "none of him no more" around 1:35. I also liked the ending beginning at 3:05 with "I cheated myself" and how it seems to really put every piece together in a few seconds. Very well paced and edited overall.

Best Storytelling/Narrative: Morning Comes by Lsketch42
I liked the idea of the AU vid, and how you settle context at the beginning. The first shot is my favourite of the all vid, so pretty. It is very nostalgic, bitter sweet and sad. And nice shot of the sunrise at the end.

Best Use of Music: Flagpole Sitta by Little Heaven
reviewed above.

Best Use of Music RU: Come Undone by obsessive24
reviewed above.

Best Video: Come Undone by obsessive24
reviewed above.

Best Video RU: A Place Inside by dragonchic
reviewed above.

Special Awards

No special award this round.

Honorable Mentions & Judge's Nod

Honorable Mention: The Howling by Elion
Cool action and violent piece. I liked the use of beautiful source material such as 0:18 or 2:16 and the battle sections are very well paced and orchestrated.

Honorable Mention: Apologize by Jenn
Good song choice and use of lyrics to narrates the mostly bad times and conflits of this relationship. I especially enjoyed the cemetary part around 1:23.

Judge Nod: Tragedy by SmokeyFizz
This is an actual believable AU vid with very bittersweet mood. But too bad the blurry effects and overly slowmotionned clips are rather distracting.

Judge Nod: In The Shadows by wolfpup
Good song choice for a Sam vid. I loved the transition at 0:47, the shot at 0:52 and 1:02, the shot of the gun at 2:15. nice use of lyrics too though I did found some clip/lyrics association a bit too literal.

Judge Nod: Pieces by mnallison02
I didn't felt all the effects of "pieces" and pictured really paid off though the connection between young and actual dean at 0:54 was very nice. They were pretty distracting which was too bad. Aside from that, it was a nice narrative.

Judge Nod: You Belong To Me by Abigail Marissa
This is a very sweet poetic look at Mulder and Scully's story. I loved your use of fades (like at 0:29 or 0:46) and motion throughout the vid. very sweet.

Judge Nod: Requiem by Edelwyn
There's a lot of interesting and well edited part in this piece like the overlays at the beginning, or the part beginning at 2:18. Unfortunately, the vid suffers from the length of the song and lack rythmn overall to keep the viewer's attention during 7min.

Judge Nod: Gorecki by Pécheresse
I really liked the song choice and the percussion simple instrumentation during the first minute which really had an out of universe kinda feel, much like the vid in general.

Judge's Choice

Judge's Choice: Flagpole Sitta by Little Heaven
It's cool to see good and fun vid in the vidding world, generally dominated by angsty or dramatic oriented vids.