Winners for Round 8

Congrats to the following winners :

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If you didn't win anything, it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy your video. Competition is high sometimes.
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General Awards

Best Action: Cowboys from Hell by Lady Manson
The vid makes supernatural looks darker than I would think ti could be. it definitely feels like a trip through hell. Good editing throughout.

Best Action RU: I'm Alive by Elion
The vid moves fast with a very effective editing. The action sequences are especially good and moves beautifully with the music, and I also loved the O:12-0:17 section.

Best Atmosphere: the girl or the weapon? by Whitney
reviewed below.

Best Atmosphere RU: Grace by whereistheluv
reviewed below.

Best Character Study: Grace by whereistheluv
reviewed below.

Best Character Study RU: the girl or the weapon? by Whitney
reviewed below.

Best Comedy :: Let There Be Guns by kuwdora
This was just a pure laugh. it is not easy to maintain energy in such a vid. There's definitely a great use of comedic shots and, well, gun shots.

Best Editing: Damaged by dragonchic
reviewed below.

Best Effects Use: Guilty Of Crime by Rachel
Generally, this kind of vid is hard to pull of because you just notice that there's manips and that it's not the real story. Here, I was definitely surprised at how well it worked and flowed. The use of music and the clip choices built a comprehensive narrative that simply works. great job !

Best Relationship(s) Study: Damaged by dragonchic
reviewed below.

Best Relationship(s) Study RU: The 6 Between Us by Kitty
This is a really great look ath the yellow eyed demon/Sam dynamic. There's a great sense of getting sam from point A to point B in the vid, which is always nice to see. The editing during the chorus helps reinforcing sam's fall into his darkside.

Best Storytelling/Narrative: Damaged by dragonchic
reviewed below.

Best Storytelling/Narrative RU: Grace by whereistheluv
reviewed below.

Best Use of Music: the girl or the weapon? by Whitney
reviewed below.

Best Use of Music RU: Damaged by dragonchic
reviewed below.

Best Video: Damaged by dragonchic
The combination of lyrics, parallel shots or connections through symbolic elements of the show (painting, eclipse) create a wonderful relationship study that wasn't so much explored in the show. The editing is right on, driving the story very naturally. The use of music and, in particular, sounds element in the overall quiet song, only makes the whole ensemble more dynamic and whole.

Best Video RU: the girl or the weapon? by Whitney
I was sold during the intro. It was fascinating the way it portrayed the character in a very innocent way at first and then moves into the more dark aspects of the character. What impressed me here was how the video is driven by the mood, and rely on it for narration. You don't really know what's happening but it registers. The vid is also beautiful and subtly edited which only adds more to this great ensemble.

Best Video RU: Grace by whereistheluv
This is such a beautiful piece. I loved the use of all those pretty and poetic shots of the movies, like the tree leaves, Hedwidge flying, the clock etc. It was so beautiful and set the mood in such an effective way. it feels like a dream.

Special Awards

No special award this round.

Honorable Mentions & Judge's Nod

Honorable Mention: Play Kill by Nikki
There's definitely a good sense of music and editing choice to set the mood fitting the subject. it is all scary and horrible. good job !

Judge Nod: Soulmates Never Die by Lady_m4ryjane
In the end, the vid felt a little repetitive, but there was a clear effort to vary the shots, angle and use effects to make a coherent vid with not so much footage to carry it.

Judge Nod: The Gallery by Thandie
The constant sliding transition didn't pay off to me in the vid even if this choice was understandable, but the vid overall had lots of good elements and there was definitely a great sense of using the music as narrative.

Judge's Choice

Judge's Choice: The 6 Between Us by Kitty

Judge's Choice: Damaged by dragonchic
what can I say ? The more I watch this vid, the more I see, the more I love it and the more it gets through. It's fantastic, brilliantly edited and subtly narrated.